Food Menu



Date Starter Western Dish Asian Dish Bread Dessert
14-Aug-17 Corn salad

Fried French bean with beef

Spaghetti bolognese Steamed rice/Soft roll Yoghurt or fresh fruit
15-AUG-17 Potato cream soup Pan-seared fish with steamed vegetable Deep-fried fish with sweet & sour sauce Steamed rice/Baguette Chocolate cake or fresh fruit
16-Aug-17 Broccoli & Apple Salad Herb soup with chicken & mushroom Roasted chicken with rosemary sauce Steamed rice/Loaf bread Yoghurt or banana cake
17-Aug-17 Cucumber salad with tuna Pork stew with chicken egg Pan-seared pork with tomato sauce Steamed rice/Baguette Chocolate cookie or fresh fruit
18-ug-17 Tomato cubes with mozzarella salad  Beef lasagna Stri-fried kailan with beef Steamed rice/Soft roll yoghurt or fresh fruit




Date Starter Western Dish Asian Dish Bread Dessert
21-AUG-17 Mix vegetable soup Stir-fried ginger with pork Roasted pork served  Steam rice/Soft roll Carrot cake or fresh fruit salad
22-AUG-17 Potato salad Fried fish in basil with kaffir sauce & steamed broccoli and carrot Fish Amok Steam rice/baguette Yoghurt or Khmer dessert
23-AUG-17 Hawaian chicken salad Roasted chicken legs with gravy sauce & sauteed mixed vegetables Deep-fried chicken leg with pepper sauce served with clear soup Steamed rice/Loaf bread Chocolate cake or fresh fruit
24-AUG-17 Creamy mushroom soup served with croutons and crispy bacon cubes Beef lok lak Beef and Vegetables Moussaka. Green Salad Steamed rice/baguette Fresh fruit salad or khmer dessert
25-Aug-17 Pasta, Tuna and Vegetables Salad  Steamed chicken with chili sauce Chicken in satay sauce with cucumber, tomato and onion. steamed  rice Steamed rice/Soft roll Yoghurt or Banana cake

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Cambridge Exam Timetable June 2017

Date: 17/01/12 11:54am
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Food Menu

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The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport

EWIS is registered with The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport to offer the National Curriculum and Exams.

WASC Accreditation

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) is one of six official academic bodies responsible for the accreditation of public and private universities, colleges, secondary and elementary schools. EWIS was accredited in 2013, for six years.

Cambridge International Exam Center

At EWIS we offer CIE IGCSE/AS/A level courses and exams. CIE exams are assessed though the university of Cambridge.

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